Our Methodology:

The ease with which we are able to make changes from the backend and also allow updates to be done without interrupting system process is as a result of the programming language we use and the approach we have adopted from the Software Development Life Cycle. This allows us to maintain your system easily and without ever shutting down services or disabling system processes. We understand that an enterprise that excels is the one that is more competitive in terms of the software it embraces as its tool to greater and more accommodative work ethics, achieved by embracing leading technology.

System integration, a step in the life cycle, allows us to use whatever hardware and software that you already have in place to work with our software. The distributed system will work on any terminal provided it has been in use before, making us capable of combining your legacy system with what we bring in to get the required results.

The specifications that we give are for the servers that run our system. Since it is wholly an application system, it follows then that a dedicated application server that can hold a distributed system is used. The server should in the list run database services, fault tolerance checks, security and load balancing services. Since the server will be handling multiple requests from varied terminals, it follows then that the transaction processes be handled by the same server environment so as to ease the flow of data.