Staffing :

Right Talent:

Our goal is to help you by offering comprehensive and cost effective solutions. Providing you with the right talent at the right time is how it begins.

Know the challenges that businesses face. We’ll work with you to define your needs and solve your specific challenges. Our staffing solutions are designed to help your business maintain efficiency and productivity .

Technology Leadership

TecniZon specializes in providing senior level technology leadership professionals. Our clients leverage us to deliver only the best in project and technology leadership talent to meet the needs of their mission critical projects. We maintain a network of pre-screened professionals specialized in technology leadership skills.



In order to meet the business demands, TecniZon practices a proactive delivery model for our clients. Our FUTURE ANALYSIS REQUIREMENT (FAR) program ensures that our clients have access to the best candidates and star performers in the market. By partnering with our customers to understand and analyze their needs, FAR gives our clients access to a talent pool that has been technically screened, interviewed in person, and referenced in anticipation of specific resource needs.

Through our FAR program, our clients would realize improved productivity, timely access to premium quality candidates with the right skill-set and knowledge.

Quality management :

TecniZon strives to provide World Class Quality and Customer Service to our clients and contractors. Through our QUALITY ANAYSIS and MONITORING [QAM] we monitor and analyse the Quality of work to ensures the highest standards of quality and customer service are realized throughout the jouney with TecniZon.

QAM systematically evaluates contractor performance in 4 key areas:

  • Skills and Knowledge
  • Productivity
  • Professionalism
  • Cultural Fit.

QAM has been key to the success of our IT Staffing practice resulting in proactive and effective communication, and increased client productivity and employee satisfaction .