IBM WebSphere Cast Iron :

IBM WebSphere Cast Iron Cloud integration products enable you to integrate cloud and on-premise applications in days, reduce integration costs and optimize resources and productivity in software as a service (SaaS) and cloud models.

IBM WebSphere Cast Iron Cloud integration products provide several capabilities for near real time integration: data cleansing and migration, data synchronization and connectivity, workflow and transformation that enable you to orchestrate integration processes across multiple applications. These application also support mobile applications by harnessing data and processes from other parts of the enterprise.

What we provide :

  • Road Map to New Customers in planning, Sizing & Implementation of Cast Iron.
  • Assist Mid -size / small Customers to choose the right form Factor to suite their integration needs in a cost effective manner.
  • Provide Onsite / Remote Training (3 day course) along with Mentoring services for customers to enable existing staff.
  • Provide Subject Matter expertise for Staffing and Contracting services.